I show managers how to figure out what’s going on with their people and systematically eliminate barriers so they and their teams can be engaged, productive, and happy. My system is called RISWS, and you can read about it (and about how to bring me into your organization) at It will transform your work life.

People work. Parents work. Our system isn’t set up to make it realistic for parents to work and also be the kind of parents we want to be, so we need to work together to change the discourse and question policy.

This post–“Free but not cheap”–explains why I don’t see any need for division between SAH and WOH/WAH parents. Someone told me that “This is the post that will end the Mommy Wars.”

I wrote a piece in The Atlantic online calling out the tongue-clicking at the “opt-out generation.” Read the piece, and then listen to me on The Morning Current on Minnesota Public Radio talking about the limited usefulness of creating fake trends with the author of the article on the “opt-out generation.”

My MoxieTopic “Parenting With Another Person” explores how making a serious effort to have both parents engage equally in parenting changes the workplace along with family dynamics (and tells you how to make sure both parents are participating).


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