Wait--we have a baby?! Can we really do this?

Yes, you can do it. But a lot of that is about understanding what your real jobs are in the first few weeks, how to manage yourself and any help you have for the least stress, and how much slack to cut yourself.

The first three months can be brutal and joyful, but if you know that it won't last forever and how to approach this disorienting time, you can make it. This MoxieTopic: New Parent Survival Guide discusses the known trouble spots, how to keep yourself healthy, how to keep things balanced in your relationship if you have one, what to do about helpers, physical recovery, what your baby can do and is learning, and what your job really is in each stage of the first 12 weeks.  It's a bit long at 11 pages, but it sets you up to approach parenting as an experience you can get good at, not a test you pass or fail.  Click the green button to buy it now.

$5, 11 pages. Once you pay through PayPal you’ll get an email from SendOwl with the link to download the PDF. If you don't receive anything within a few minutes, email me at askmoxie at gmail dot com and I'll track it down.

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