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Give the gift of thoughtful, kind parenting advice on topics that are useful for all parents. An All MoxieTopics Subscription gives you all the currently available MoxieTopics released, plus a new MoxieTopic every month for a year.

(If you're calculating, at $5 per MoxieTopic, you're saving $20 on the year PLUS $60 for the 12 MoxieTopics currently out. That's $40 for $120 of MoxieTopics!)

Current MoxieTopics included in the subscription:

Perfect for new parents, expectant parents, or parents who have been doing it for awhile, the MoxieTopics cover everything from a timeline for the first year to sleep regressions to tension increasers/decreasers to creating your own parenting method to keeping kids on an even keel during the holidays. Upcoming topics include teaching kids boundaries, helping kids make friends, and managing relationships with the other adults in your child's life.

Better than the Fruit of the Month Club, this is the "You're the best parent for your child" of the Month Club.

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