Suddenly my toddler is extremely difficult. Is it just me?

It's not just you. 18 months (actually, 15-21 months) can be really difficult for kids and their parents. It's not you. It's A Thing.

If you can understand what you can change and what you just need to suffer through (and when it'll end), it's easier to deal with this intense developmental phase.  This MoxieTopic: Living Through the 18-month-old Phase talks about the major changes your child is going through and their task for each one, as well as the developmental challenges that presents for you, the parent.  It's 6 pages of reassurance that this is all normal and necessary, and it won't be like this forever.  Click the red button to buy it now.

$5, 6 pages. Once you pay through PayPal you’ll get an email from SendOwl with the link to download the PDF. If you don't receive anything within a few minutes, email me at askmoxie at gmail dot com and I'll track it down.

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