2015 is the seventh year of Candletime, the holiday I made up in 2009 to stop Christmas from pushing back to Halloween.

Candletime runs from November 1 through the day before American Thanksgiving (November 25th this year).

To celebrate, when you come home at night, light some candles (or use electric candles) and sit enjoying the sparkly light while drinking a beverage of your choice. Popular beverage choices include tea, hot cider, cold cider, water, wine, beer, hot cocoa, coffee, soda, and bourbon. Candletime can be celebrated alone or with others, and you can observe as many days of the holiday period as you choose.

You can blow out the candles whenever you want (they don't have to burn down on their own). 

If you want to post pictures of your candles and/or beverages, use the hashtag #candletime