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My book You’re the Best Parent for Your Child: 31 Truths from, is available in paperback (for $5.99) and for Kindle (for $2.99)! Perfect to give to someone for one of the December gift-giving holidays, or for a new baby or shower or empty-nest present. 

I hope you love it.

(Isn’t the cover cool? That’s my actual handwriting on the Post Its.)


Everyone’s favorite, the Christmas workbook Get Christmased, is back, in paperback (for $9.99) and Kindle (for $3.49). This book walks you through making decisions about what you really want to participate in and what you want to pass on to create a Christmas season that’s low on stress and high on joy. Works for anyone who has to participate in any kind of Christmas anything, whether you personally celebrate it or not. Special sections on dealing with difficult families, depression, and finding alternate meanings if you’re not into the big commercial machine.


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