Parenting Truths 3: It's still early in the game

Unless your kids are 40, it's still really early in your parenting career. And a lot is going to change.

It can feel pretty bleak when you're going through sleepless nights with a baby, or the willfulness of a two-year-old, or any minute of every day of having a 3.5-year-old. And you may be wondering if it's ever going to get better. But those kids are still so little, and it's all going to change. Even when your kids are 7, or 12, or 16, it still all changes all the time.

You are having a long conversation with your child, and it's going to last the rest of your lives. This tough part at the beginning feels so high stakes but it's actually such a small little preliminary chat in comparison to the deep emotional discussions you'll have later.

Pace yourself. There's a lot more (and a lot more fun) still to come. It changes, and gets easier, and then harder, and then easier, and then harder. But it always changes.

You are doing it.