Dragging through the end of the school year

I started doing flash consulting (I solve your problem for $250 in around 24 hours) on a whim last week and it's taken off, so I made it official: Flash Consulting. If you have a work or personal or business or parenting problem, send it in and I'll solve it for you in a day. Read the testimonials from the people I worked with last week.

We're in that end-of-year phase in which school seems unbearable.

If it was just the daily worksheets, maybe. But all the extra stuff. The testing and the projects and the appreciation weeks/months and the field days and the field trips and the school carnivals and fairs and pep rallies and assemblies and wacky hat days and everything else. (And extra days tacked on for people who had a lot of snow days.)

I have no cure.

I just wanted to acknowledge the feeling of fatigue and lack of interest in the entire process. Are you there, too? 

This cracked me up: "Parents At The Beginning Of The School Year Vs. The End"

Especially #2 and #4. And #7. And #11.

Five more weeks here. How about you?