Leakage after having a baby

Anonymous writes:

"Can we talk peeing? Our own peeing?

Several years after the birth of our kid, I'm still dealing with significant stress incontinence. Our kid was born vaginally with nearly zero molding of her head. So her round basketball of a dome "turtled" for two hours.

I used to run regularly but it's been ruined. Coughing, slipping, a good sneeze here and there and I have leakage. This was a long, long winter.

I know Kegels. But have any of you done anything more substantial? Pelvic floor therapy? Surgery? Something else?

I mourn running but more I mourn in advance not being able to do things with my daugher because I'm worried I'll pee. I don't want to be the sedentary parent. And I'm cognizant that this just gets worse as we get older.

I want to believe there are answers and success stories."

I would try physical therapy specifically for pelvic floor injuries. I've heard of plenty of success stories for stress incontinence and even prolapsed uterus, but don't know enough to recommend anything specific other than starting with physical therapy. 

Does anyone have any experience with this that they'd like to share with Anonymous? (Feel free to comment anonymously yourself, obviously.)