Kindergarten, Facebook, Sixth grade (not all together)

I'm officially opening registration for the Kindergarten support group for parents of kids entering Kindergarten (SK in Canada) this coming fall or winter. The group starts April 24 but registration is open until September 6. It starts in April because we want to have time to talk about all the stuff that's going to happen (and our reactions to it) before people disappear for summer vacation, and then prep for the first few weeks at the end of the summer.

If you're considering it but don't know where your kid is going to K yet, please join and don't feel like you have to wait until you know. There are few people in the group in the same situation right now, and the group is the perfect place to stress about that without tiring out all your other friends who aren't in the same situation. The group is half full already and we have a diverse, interesting group.

In other news: Facebook is making some changes in a few weeks that mean that anyone who's Liked my AskMoxie page is probably not going to see the things I post. If you want to be connected on Facebook, join the AskMoxie group instead. It's a Closed group, so anything you comment or post can only be seen by people who are also in the group and won't appear in anyone's feed or the spy ticker unless that person is also in the group. (After  you join, go up to "Notifications" on the homepage of the group and turn them off, or else you'll get a zillion notifications, because the group moves pretty quickly.)

Middle School: Did anyone else who has a sixth grader feel like the switch to multiple teachers instead of just one teacher was emotionally good but logistically horrible? Mine took awhile to get on top of the idea of multiple teachers and multiple assignments that sometimes overlapped, but he seems to be thriving with having multiple adults teaching him instead of one in charge of everything.

It feels like we're through the adjustment period of the multiple teachers and concurrent/conflicting assignments now, so this semester is easier (by that criterion) than last semester.

Anyone else?