Beginning of the year check-in

Today is the last day for the early-bird discount on the next session of the online Writing Through Your Divorce workshop with Deesha Philyaw and me. Price goes up tomorrow, and the workshop starts September 30 and runs for 12 weeks. 

We are also accepting submissions for the Writing Through Your Divorce blog, which will be a collection of prose and poetry on divorce. Submission guidelines here. 

My friend Kristina at My Islamic Life (who I've known since we were 14), wrote the most bittersweet post about how hard new motherhood was for her and a beautiful review of my MoxieTopics that made me tear up. (Spoiler: Her Mr. Fox is almost a man, and he's so wise and funny and sweet and perfect, as are her girls. Proof that you can feel like you're making mistakes every day and still raise wonderful people.)

Now: How is school going? How is the start of fall going? Are you feeling caught up still, or have things gone off the rails a little bit? If you're starting something totally new (school, or a new job or work situation, or anything requiring a new morning routine) know that it is going to take at least three weeks before you start to feel really comfortable with it.

I know some kids have been back to school for three weeks+, while others started back two to three days ago. And some people are celebrating Rosh Hashanah on top of all the school and post-Labor Day beginnings. 

So check in and tell us how it's going, and if you need some troubleshooting, ask for it and we'll help.