The annual School Is Starting post

Yesterday I donated to Portapure, a group that makes family-sized water purifiers for Haitian families. Donating to this campaign is a really concrete way to help stop cholera in Haiti and give families affordable water. Every little bit helps:

It's that time of year again: Time to breathe deeply as kids go back to school. I know that I tend to get a little anxious because of some of the school experiences I've had and my older son has had. It's hard not to bring your own worries into a new school year, especially if your child is like you and runs the risk of having the same issues you may have had in school.

It is completely ok to feel your own feelings, to verbalize your fears, and to talk about your worries about what happened to you and what you fear could happen to your kid. It is also ok to be annoyed or trepidatious or even downright resentful of all the running around and logistical busywork of the beginning of school (School supply lists! A thousand forms in triplicate! Requests for your home phone number when you haven't had a house phone in five years!).

But it's also also ok to be happy about a new year and eager for what great things are going to happen for your kid, with a caring teacher or good friends or things they're excited to learn. 

So: When does school start for you? How are you feeling about it? How are your kids feeling about it? Are you ready? 

I'll start: We still have 27 days left. I'm feeling good about it, and my kids are happy to still have almost a month left, and I'm as ready as I need to be now. This is the first year in a long time that I haven't been worried about what's going to happen to my older son in school, and it's remarkably relaxing not to wake up with that cold ball of fear in my stomach. 

Now you.