Transitioning to being a mom of big kids

Happy Wednesday!

1. The next round of Flourish Through Divorce is open for registration. It starts August 15 and will run through October 10. I've added two more weeks so there's more time to process in it. All the details and sign-up is here.

2. I've had a couple of requests to hop in to the Kindergarten support group from people who didn't think they wanted it before but have decided they'd like to be in now. If you're one of them, you can still get in, and now's the time. Spirit Fingers: Kindergarten info here.

3. My kids are coming back from 3+ weeks of vacation with their dad tomorrow. I've missed them so much, but this summer has been different from previous summers, when the missing them made me depressed. I've started to feel more separated and independent, more like missing an adult child who's moved out than wondering where my babies are and why they're not touching me.

Has anyone else gone through a transition like this? Last night I dreamed that my 11-year-old came back and was a full-grown teenager, and in the dream I was so happy to see him but not sad that he was growing up.

I had anticipated the transition to being a mother of bigger kids, and then later of adults. I think I hadn't realized that it wouldn't be hugely painful. This doesn't feel like missing my little boys as much as it feels like being excited at who they are now.