Sleep: Tension Increasers and Tension Releasers

Everyone’s telling you to let your baby cry it out, but willthat really get your baby to sleep?

If only there was a way to know if you should let your baby cry, or keep nursing or rocking to sleep.

There is! MoxieTopic: Tension Increasers and Tension Releasers shows you. Crying is a physical act, and it helps some babies release tension and fall asleep, while it causes other babies more tension and prevents them from falling asleep. Figure out how crying affects your baby and you’ll know whether to try CIO or not, what types of methods are more likely to help your child sleep, and how your child processes high emotion.

Once you understand how your child physically processes crying, you can decide how best to proceed. This isn’t telling you what to do, it’s telling you how to figure out what’s more or less likely to work with your particular child, so you can decide what to do next. You’re the best parent for your child, and this MoxieTopic will help you read your child’s signals even better.

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