Sleep Regression Intensive

What are sleep regressions?

Sleep regressions--they rule your life as a parent of a baby, but what are they and what can you do about them?

This MoxieTopic: Sleep Regression Intensive tells you what sleep regressions are, how they affect babies (and older children and even adults), when they happen, and what you can do to survive them. Yes, I could have written an entire (gutwrenching) book about this (with a lot of filler), but instead I distilled it down to 8 pages. Once you know when and why and how, you’ll know what to do about it, because you’re the best parent for your child. Plus, you can make it through 8 pages, even with your current lack of sleep. Move your sleepy index finger to click on the button to buy it now.

$5, eight pages (the last few are a timeline so you only have to read the part that applies to you now). Once you pay through PayPal you’ll get an email asking you to confirm, click through that, and you’ll get the email with the link to download the PDF file. (If you don't get anything within a few minutes, check your spam file.)

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