What do you do with your kids all summer?

Spirit Fingers: Kindergarten starts tonight! Registration will be open through Sunday. All info on the 14-month group is here.

Also, the Summer Reading Challenge is starting again May 15. Why should your kids have all the summer reading challenge fun? Like the group on Facebook, post a pledge of how many books you'll read May 15-September 15, then buy yourself a prize when you hit your pledge.

So, summer plans! In other words, what do you do with your kids all summer? Data points, please.

If there's an at-home parent at your house or your kids are little enough to be in daycare, you're just keeping on keeping on no matter what season it is. But what do the rest of us do?

Where I live now, there are tons of day camps, and they're all starting registration now, so there's still time to plan for it. Camps are also reasonably-priced.

When I lived in NYC, summer day camp registration started months ago and people who haven't thought about it before now may be aced out of spots in camps close to them. Camps are expensive, so it might make more sense to try to do a summer nanny-share if you can put one together.


  • day camps
  • sleep away camps
  • nanny shares
  • Camp Grandma

What else?

How does it work in your area? Is it too late to make summer plans, or right on time? Is summer care affordable?

(My data point: a week of sleepaway camp, then weeks of being on vacation with one parent or the other, then a couple of weeks of day camp at the end of the summer.)