Hump Day

And I completely cracked myself up with that post title. Anyway.

K wrote and asked me if we could talk about sex drive as we age. She'd read this piece from Anne Lamott in which Lamott says that women her age (58) don't want to have sex. K, who is 51 and does want to have sex, thought that was odd. K also offered that her own mother, who is 74, is still into sex.

I'd been thinking about this for awhile, too. I've had a bunch of conversations with women around 40 who feel like our sex drive has increased radically and is much higher now than when we were 30. I'd attributed it in myself to a combo of getting out of a bad marriage and having my kids be old enough that they weren't touching me all the time, but it seems to happen to other women who are not in the same circumstances, too.

So, data points, please. Your age and whether you want sex now, and whether that's more or less than previously, and any mitigating circumstances you think are relevant (single/partnered, age of kids, stress level, blah blah blah). For the purpose of this poll we'll define "sex" as any form of sexual activity with another person that you find pleasurable. (Maybe we should have a separate category for masturbation?)

I'm going to recommend that you not use your real full name here, so do the usual posting anonymously drill with in the URL box.