Time passages

HEADS UP. Time change coming for North America this Sunday morning, March 10. We are going FROM Standard Time TO DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME (which is my boo). We are springing forward so the current 7 pm will be the new 8 pm. Here's the plan if you want to be proactive:

Starting Monday OR Tuesday night, put your kids to bed 10 minutes earlier each night. So if you start Monday, if they normally go to bed at 8:00, put them to bed at 7:50. Then the next night at 7:40, then 7:30, etc.

If you start Monday, on Saturday night you'll put them to bed at 7:00, and then the next day that 7:00 will have become 8:00 and you'll be back on schedule. If you start Tuesday, on Saturday night you'll put them to bed at 7:10 and then on Sunday put them to bed at 8:00.

The mornings will still be screwed up. See if you can work in a way to get a nap for yourself on Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon or evening. By the Thursday after the time change we should all be fine.

In other news: I became a mother 11 years ago yesterday. It has been a hell of a ride. If I could tell myself anything on my first day of motherhood it would be this: "Hang on to your friends and accept the new friends who come, gratefully, because motherhood can gaslight you and you need help to come through it whole."

What would you tell yourself on your first day as a mother if you could?