Resources for girls going through puberty?

Mona writes:

"So . . . . my oldest is 9.  Outwardly showing signs of puberty - breast buds, underarm hair, some increased facial oil and has had one or two blemishes.  She is a "tomboy" and has been pretty even-keeled, at least for the past six years or so.  The wheels have gone off the bus.  Crying, whining, yelling, you name it.  It's like a classic roller coaster.  I have talked with her about the changes her body is going through, told her we all went through it and it does get better, and also cracked down on the whining/crying/etc.  But really am I doing the right thing?  What should/can I do?  I am also trying to encourage her to get plenty of exercise, which is something that makes her happy and also helps her sleep better at night, but sometimes she still can't sleep and the exercise isn't possible.  Any thoughts or books or words of wisdom?  Almost all of the parenting books relate to specific younger ages or are more general like the Faber books.  I want a roadmap to puberty!"

Ouch. I remember being a girl on the inside of puberty, and it was horrible. This is making me want to call my mom and thank her for putting up with me then.

I also remember reading the Judy Blume books at that age and feeling like someone understood me. So maybe that whole genre of puberty lit would be helpful for your daughter to read.

For resources for you to help talking about it with her, I don't know. I haven't look for anything for talking to my son and am just taking the conversations as they come, precisely because everything seems to be geared toward younger kids OR is about talking about sex and reproduction and we've been talking about that for eight years now so it's not a hot topic anymore.

Who can help, with resources for talking about puberty--not sex and reproduction--with upper elementary age kids?