Report in from Krissy about having a third baby

Remember Krissy, who was on the fence about having a third baby after her friend put the baby bug in her ear? Well, she reported in the other day:

"So the update is that I found out on January 14 that I am, indeed, pregnant.  Still hadn't "decided", was still on the fence, and yet pregnant (which is what happens when you are careless; sometimes not making a choice is actually making a choice).  I felt two things when I found out: relief that the indecision is OVER and terror about what I've allowed to happen. I have no idea how I'm going to make this work; I don't even know why I wanted to try in the first place, honestly.  When I look past the baby/toddler-hood phase I can get excited about the person that will be a part of us forever.  But I have to admit that I'm having a hard time looking past the looming baby/toddler years.  I went back and read the entire thread and am grateful for the warmth and supportive feedback.  If you don't feel like people are tired of this subject I'd love to hear feedback now that the train has left the station.  Though the indecision is over, I'm pretty scared, and honestly, feeling pretty alone.  While my husband and I have always been able to tell each other anything, I'm having such a hard time talking about this with him, because deep down I know he has the same fears/concerns, and deeper down, I know he did this b/c it was what *I* wanted.   
Either way, I am so grateful for the wonderful community that you have created, and the wonderful, smart women (and men?) that have gathered here to share."


*I* think it's great, but that's because it's not me. (And because if I had a third baby now my older two would be 11 and 8, and that's a huge difference from two little kids and a baby.)

Now that the deed is done, what do you have for Krissy? And how can she be honest about being scared with her husband, when she feels like she doesn't have the right to be scared?