Three facts and a question for you

Fact 1: I've started putting my goals and mottos for the 2013 Incredible Life Workbook on Pinterest. The boards are called 2013 Incredible Goals and 2013 Incredible Mottos. Don't forget about the Facebook group of those of us doing the workbook.

Fact 2: Registration for the Flourish Through Divorce online workshop closes this Saturday at midnight EST, and the first lesson goes out Sunday. Pass it on to anyone you think could use it.

Fact 3: My dishwasher is currently piping water into my basement instead of into the actual dishwasher.

Question: An anonymous questioner gets a migraine after she has an orgasm. And her doctor's got nothing. That is no way to live. Has anyone heard of this or have a solution to it? It sounds like either blood pressure or hormones, but then my medical degree is from Google. Anyone?