40 before 40

So thank you for all the suggestions. I'm feeling a little spoiled because so many of them are things I already do or have! I have tons of nice underwear (HIGHLY recommend Hanky Panky thongs), I cook new things all the time, I go out with friends all the time, I'm in training for a 10K in March (and a half marathon in October at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, if anyone's interested in running with us), I take barre class three times a week, I dance around at the grocery store in my living room all the time, one of my best friends is a Mary Kay Director so I have half a dozen perfect lipsticks, I goof off all the time, I eat whatever I want that keeps getting me to my goals, I read magazines all the time (I have an actual subscription to Lucky, for Pete's sake--talk about frivolous!). I guess I just stopped feeling guilty about things a few years ago. Which may be part of why I'm not so excited about 40--I don't feel like I inhibit myself much anyway, so it doesn't feel like any big moment to release inhibitions.

So I'm picking things I think will be fun just for fun, not because I think I should do them. I also decided I didn't have to decide on all 40 right now, since I'm sure fun things will come up as I go. So here's the list, which I'll fill in as I go:

January 17: Get a mani-pedi.

January 18: Buy something pretty just for the heck of it.

January 19: Have dinner with my college friends (on an island!).

January 20: Drink a pina colada with my college friends.

Janaury 21: Do a pilates class with my college friends.

January 22: Go to the beach with my college friends.

January 23: Buy myself flowers.

January 24: Take a long hot bath.

January 25: Have lunch with my best friend from business school.

January 26: Have a liquid lunch with my business school friends. (Don't tell our afternoon professors.)

Janaury 27: Lie around and watch soccer matches in my pajamas all day.

January 28: Go to a movie by myself.

January 29: Go get donuts for breakfast with the kids at the good donut place and buy donuts for the old guys who are at the donut place every morning.

January 30: Get a facial.

January 31:Write an actual letter to my grandmother (the one who's 97, not the one with Alzheimer's, since she'll still follow what I write).

February 1: Solo road trip (I love driving trips).

February 2: See the groundhog in Punxsatawney, PA, with a friend from when I was 20 who has come back into my life again like a whirlwind of fun.

February 3:

February 4:

February 5:

February 6:

February 7:

February 8:

February 9:

February 10:

February 11:

February 12:

February 13:

February 14:

February 15:

February 16:

February 17:

February 18:

February 19:

February 20:

February 21:

February 22:

February 23:

February 24:

February 25: