19 Random Photos From My Phone from 2012

And now, a random selection of pictures I took with my phone in 2012:


1. Shock gIn February I saw Digital Underground on a work trip to Las Vegas. This is Shock G. He's 50 and he still looks great and the band is as tight as ever.







2. Cool wall indiaLater in February I went to India for a project for business school. This was a wall in the lobby of one of the hospitals I was working with.






3. Ultrasound sign indiaI snapped this shot quickly (that's why it's blurry) as I walked past an ultrasound room in that hospital in India.







4. PillowsI picked out the fabrics, and my mom sewed these throw pillows for me.





5. HaircastI adore the local news out of Detroit, and this is why. This weathercaster has a "haircast" every night.







6. Apappas drawingMy grandfather did this line-and-ink drawing of a corner of downtown Toledo back when streetcars weere still running. When my grandmother moved into assisted living I got the drawing.






7. CostumeA friend of mine did a charity fashion show and I got to wear this Renaissance dress. It was gorgeous, but the corset was fully boned and I think I bruised some ribs wearing it.

















8. Mackinac bridgeOn the way to summer camp my kids and I crossed the Mackinac Bridge.


















9. Si ves algoI went to NYC in July and took this in the subway.







10. CukesWhen I got home, a friend gave me all these gorgeous cucumbers from her garden.









11. Electric boltI ran in a 5K in which they gave every finisher this cute medal. I wore mine around the house for a few days.









12. StudyingI was back in NYC, at my old favorite cafe, but I had to study for an exam for school.






13. Shopping listI dictated the shopping list to my 7-year-old, and this is what he wrote for himself.








14. Chiro signI was driving home one night and saw this sign at the chiropractor's office. Before this I'd never thought about the fact that "spine" and "penis" are anagrams for each other. They changed the slogan the next morning.







15. Blossom in a boxMy dopey cat Blossom in a box.






16. Flaming treeI ran past this gorgeous flaming tree in my neighborhood for a few weeks until the leaves fell.








17. Owl earsI do not know what I did to deserve this look from my cat Alex, but you can tell he wasn't pleased with me.








18. Jesus sushiI took this picture in the parking lot of my church one Sunday morning. It made me howl with laughter.








19. FamilyI'm not really sure this means what they think it means. This made my whole family laugh on Christmas Eve.







And there you go. My random year. I'm hoping to get better at taking pictures in 2013 so I may have a more interesting recap for you next year.