Time change and meetup debriefing

Time change: As we all know, the tough part of the time change isn't the first morning, it's the second morning. I hope Standard Time wasn't hideous this morning--it should be getting progressively better the rest of this week.

Thos of us who hate Standard Time because it's dark so early in the evening are trying to take solace in Candletime. I bought some new candles yesterday to try to soothe the pain of having it dark before 6 pm. Ugh. If you want to post pictures of your candles on Twitter, tag them with hashtag #candletime so we can all search and see them.

Data point: This morning was not much of an issue for my kids. My younger one woke up too early but playedd video games until his brother and I were up. No trauma resulted to anyone. There is hope that when your kids get older things get easier.

How's your time change going?


Meetups: My Ask Moxie meetup in Ann Arbor was too cold but fun. I met two readers, one of whom has kids at the same school my kids are at! Small world.

So far I've heard that there was another meetup that happened in Modi'in, Israel. Did any of the other meetups happen? How did they go?