New and Exciting: What's Next Workshop

Introducing a new workshop!

You felt the first contractions (or got the call from the agency) and got your bag ready to go have a baby, and the next thing you knew two years had gone by and you were the parent of a toddler. No time to catch your breath, no time to regroup, just straight from contractions into the slam of parenthood and now you're starting to catch a breeze of fresh air again. 

You thought you had it all figured out, with a baby as the piece that completed your puzzle, but things don't seem as clear-cut now as they used to, and you’re wondering if you had it all wrong or if the new normal is really what you want. 

And now you're wondering if the you you used to be is the you you are now, after months and months in the tunnel of thinking about someone else every waking moment. What’s left of you? Who are you now? And what do you want?


What if you could reconcile all the small injuries and large insults of parenting a baby into toddlerhood, 

integrate who you used to be with you who you are now, 

and get to the essentials of what matters to you now and what you want to do next? 



Enter the What’s Next Workshop.

In this five-week course (that actually takes seven weeks) I will gently-but-firmly pull you through: 

  • naming what hurt you when and how to accept it and let it go
  • identifying the weaknesses parenting a teeny one has exposed about you and what (if anything) you should/can/want to do about those weaknesses in the larger context
  • determining who you are now relative to who you were before parenthood, in your own assessment and with external objectivity
  • shedding what no longer serves you and embracing what does now
  • deciding what you priorities are now, whether they were your priorities in the past or not
  • crafting a plan for your next phase, whether that's a new job, the same job, going back to work, another baby, any of the above, none of the above.

You will come out of the course having made peace with the dunk tank of new parenthood and with clear eyes about yourself, your priorities, and what you want to do next. And with a plan for 2013. 

The Details:

The What’s Next Workshop runs December 2, 2012 through January 17, 2013. It contains five weeks of class time with a break for Christmas/New Year as implementation time, and an individual check-in scheduled for the week of January 13. Each week will contain a class reading and audio, homework, a group conference call, and follow-up homework.

The course tools include:

  • PDF readings
  • audio recordings
  • homework
  • five group conference calls held Wednesdays (December 5, 12, and 19, and January 2 and 9) at 11 am EST
  • two individual 15-minute calls, one in the first week and one after the final homework is due (TBD based on individual schedules)
  • a private secret Facebook group only for course participants to share breakthroughs and questions with each other throughout the course (including the break week)

 Limit of 22 participants so I can spend enough time with each of you and your specific situation.

 This course is for you if: 

  • you have a child toddler age or older
  • you are feeling like things aren't as clear as they were before you became a parent
  • you feel like you've got potential for something new but can't see how to get there.

What it is not:

  • therapy
  • counseling about your inner psyche
  • putting decsions on someone else

What it is:

  • taking advantage of the process that I used to get my bearings again after some major life changes
  • using some models and processes from business theory to apply to yourself and your "family business" and development as the leader of that business
  • supporting each other through the sometimes-scary process of shedding things that don't serve us anymore
  • space to breathe and think and know that who you are is important and worth spending time on


Satisfaction Guaranteed:

If you attend all calls, complete all homework, and participate in the discussion group of the course and do not come out with a new vision for your future, I'll refund your money.


Because this is the first time I've run the course with live humans, I'm offering the course for $299. I plan to run this course again beginning in March at the full price of $499, so now is the time to get in.

I decided to time it to bridge the new year a) to take advantage of this end-of-year thinking a lot of us do, and b) so you’ll be ready to go with your plan for 2013 in January. This would make an excellent gift if someone wants to buy you something that will keep giving for the entire year and beyond. 

Ready to go? Click the big Paypal button to sign up for the What's Next Workshop:


What's Next Workshop


I can't wait to start working with you to craft your own next steps based on who you actually are now!


Questions? Email me at askmoxie at


P.S. Thinking you'd love help with a transition, but it's not the transition out of toddlerhood into the next phase? You're probably not the only one, so send me an email at askmoxie @ and we'll see if I'm working on a course that helps pull apart the transition you need support with.