How do sole caregivers manage?

Happy Candletime!

This is the fourth year of Candletime. If you're new to it or need a refresher, here are the "rules":

1. It runs from November 1 through the day before US Thanksgiving. This year it runs November 1 through November 21.

2. When you come home in the evening, dim the lights and light some candles, either real ones or flameless ones.

3. Enjoy a beverage of your choice. Traditional choices include hot cocoa, tea, cider (cold or mulled), wine, bourbon.

4. The purpose of Candletime is to let us be cozy and sparkly while it's still only early November.


Now for today's question: How do sole caregivers manage?

A friend runs her own business from home and is the sole caregiver of her scchool-age children. She is married, but her husband barely interacts with the kids or her. All childcare outside of school hours and every responsibility for the kids falls on her shoulders. When the kids are in school she's scrambling to keep her business afloat in the six hours per day she has. Family and friends don't see any need to help because ostensibly she's in a two-parent family--no one realizes she's doing it alone. Because she doesn't have enough time to put into her business to make it thrive, she can't afford paid help. She never gets a break, and is beccoming chronically more stressed.

I know there must be others of you in the situation of being the only one, whether you're married or single. How do you let in a little space so you can catch your breath and nurture yourself?