Breathe in, breathe out

Mini announcement: I'm switching to Wordpress over the weekend, so there may be some unavailability of the site Saturday night (US Eastern time) and I'll be tweaking the design Sunday so it might look like a smacked ass for a couple of days. Apologies in advance, but the move has to be made before we all die of spam comments.

Now: Is anyone else just getting super-stressed by media of all sorts these days? It feels like everyone gets internet-weary every August, but I'm getting increasingly stressed and anxious as we grind closer to our US elections here. It's a combo of the internet and tv and just everything.

I'm trying to figure out how to deal with it, and have come up with a few tips by accident:

1. I usually watch one of the morning shows in the morning after I get the kids off to school and while I'm writing. On Sunday night I was watching the show "Being: Liverpool" on Fox Soccer and I didn''t switch channels before I turned off the tv. On Monday morning I had a replay of the Reading/Liverpool game on during the time I usually watch the morning shows, and it was like night and day. No stress whatsoever. I may go all soccer all the time until November 6.

2. I'm staying strictly on my own FB page and keeping Twitter on "interactions" so I only see things people directly send me. I lucked into "interactions" and was amazed by how easy Twitter is to manage when you only speak when spoken to. And after being enraged by yet another troll on a friend's FB page I'm sticking to my own.

3. I'm making playlists for my Christmas-themed website that's starting again next week, and it's shocking how relaxing Christmas music is in the off-season.

4. I'm back running again! Woo-hoo!

Are you all feeling as super-stressed as I am by media right now? How are you dealing with it? (Or aren't you?) Were we all this stressed during the 2008 elections? Why don't Canadians seem to get as bent out of shape by your elections?