Paralympic Fever: Catch It!

Did you all know the Paralympics are going on right now? And they're all being live-streamed on the internet so we all get to watch them without being subjected to Bob Costas and his own special Olympics event (foot in mouth).

It's all right here at

Today we have Archery, Track Cycling, Equestrian, Goalball, Judo, Powerlifting, Shooting, Sitting Volleyball, Swimming, Table Tennis, and Wheelchair Basketball.

Tomorrow I'll be watching Football 5-a-side, which is basically blind soccer but with 5 players per side. Hardcore. (Saturday is Football 7-a-side, which is soccer for people with Cerebral Palsy. I did not even know this existed but now I'm rearranging my schedule to make sure I can watch.)

Who else is watching the Paralympics?


1. I was on a work trip, and got to train staff at a couple of schools to use DimensionU, the multiplayer math video game. Some of those people were elderly nuns. They were excellent, and one of them told me she was going to practice the game all weekend. Awesome.

2. My favorite non-nun-related aspects of this specific client is that I get to stay with one of my SBFs from college and her family. I spent too much time holding my friend's baby and talking with her hilarious husband and not enough time on the internet, so I'm behind on Ask Moxie questions. I'll try to get one up for tomorrow, but everything I thought I'd do this week is probably going to happen next week now.