My mother, the nosy-stranger-repellant McGyver

I can't stop laughing at this: Hello Stranger On The Street, Could You Please Tell Me How To Take Car Of My Baby? I find myself going back and reading it again about every 12 hours, and each time I find something else funnier than the last time I read it.

I took the kids to my parents' house last night and read it to my mom, who laughed throughout the whole thing. Then she told me that when my brother and I were babies, we were both so cute (Ed. note: eyeroll) that strangers were always coming up to us and touching our faces or pinching our cheeks. My mom got sick of it, so when she'd take us out in public she'd smear jam or jelly all over our faces so nosy touchy strangers would recoil and give her a disapproving look instead of touching us.