Moxie Madness Sweet 16 Part I

My bracket is totally busted.

I had 3.5-year-old and Poopsplosion going into the Sweet 16 and Mastitis going at least into the Elite 8. Total suprise.

Anyway, here is your Sweet 16 bracket to download.

We're doing two days of voting, today and tomorrow. 9 am EDT (late start today) through 9 am EDT the next morning. Then Thursday and Friday we do the Elite 8, and Friday is the Final Four. Taking the weekend off, then Monday is the finals.

Four match-ups today, one from each division. Here we go!


Sears Division:

9-month sleep regression


Child begs you not to go to work


3.1 Which is worse? free polls 



Weissbluth Division:

Persistent diaper rash


Baby pukes in your mouth


3.2 Which is worse? free polls 



Leach Division:

Pet wakes baby from nap


Partner can't soothe baby


3.3 Which is worse? free polls 



Babywise Division:

Asked "When are you due?" when baby is a year old


Nanny quits


3.4 Which is worse? free polls 



Four more match-ups tomorrow, then we move on to the Elite 8!