Where I'll be on Sunday

This Sunday, I'll be going with my children and their father (my ex-husband) to JC Penney. The kids need shoes, and I probably do, too.

In case you haven't heard of the whole JC Penney Shop-In, read Katie's excellent summary of it here. Long-time readers know that I have been seriously disappointed by the response Target gave when it was discovered that the company had contributed vast amounts of money to anti-gay political candidates. I haven't shopped at Target since July 2010.

It makes me happy that JC Penney is standing by Ellen. It makes me sad that there are people that think that Ellen, just by virtue of her being who she is, is somehow threatening their families. I know that my family--as weird as it is, co-parenting with my ex-husband--is only helped by people who are happy with their lives, couples that love each other, families who work together.

I haven't been to JC Penney in years. But I'm going Sunday, and we're going to buy some shoes, and I'll see what else they have. And maybe JC Penney will turn out to be our new family-friendly favorite.

(My secret dream is for Monbdo Guerra to design a line for JC Penney. Don't tell anyone.)