Folk remedy to make a late period come

I just wanted to put this info out there in case anyone needs it. If your period is a little late, and you feel all heavy and crampy and gross and are just waiting and waiting for it to come, you can try an old trick that uses ginger to irritate the uterine lining and slough off whatever's in there.

You'll have to consume a ton of ginger, at least 3-4 inches of fresh, ginger, and more if you can stomach it. Peel it with the back of a spoon, then slice and brew with hot water to make a tea. Drink as much of the tea as you can stand, and then eat the cooked ginger. Repeat all day until you've ingested as much of the tea and ginger as you can stand, plus a little more. If nothing happens by the next morning, do it all again.

You will be really sick of ginger and not want to eat it again for awhile, but your period should come in a day or two. I've used this to coax a sluggish period successfully. Pass it on.