The real story, readalong, and a safety net

I never knew where to write the story before, but here's the story of why I got married, knowing he was wrong for me. On the co-parenting blog: "What not to do"

Playground Communications, an Australian marketing company run by a friend of mine, is doing a readalong on their Facebook page of the book Dirty Little Secrets: Breaking The Silence On Teenage Girls and Promiscuity. Talking about the first chapter this Monday. It's a little short notice for the first chapter in 4 days, but we can catch up. Go Like their page on Facebook, get the book, and join the conversation. (Even if you don't want to read along, she has a very thoughtful feed with lots of info about tween and teenage kids, so it's worth liking her page.)

I am feeling a bit dazed by the turn my life has taken in the past month. I was essentially alone in NYC, with little support. And LOD and I were both so stretched by the physical and circumstantial limitations of living there that it felt like a big house of cards. Here, I have much more ease and leeway in everything. He and I live so close now and so close to school that mornings aren't high stakes at all anymore. (I got an hour back in my moring. One full hour.) And my parents are close enough to pick up any slack. And today I've got a friend's daughter after school because her other child is sick. Not only do I *have* a safety net now, but I get to *be* a safety net for someone else! That is amazing to me.

Do you have a safety net? Do you have leeway? What does leeway mean for you, in your life? Is it situational?