Please help a fellow mom get closure on her son's death

For those of you who haven't been following the murder of Henry Granju (son of Katie Granju of MamaPundit), he was murdered as part of a ring of adult who were providing drugs to kids. There may have been child trafficking involved. No one knows, because the police in Knoxville, TN, where Henry and his family lived, didn't investigate.

They didn't investigate the murder of a child.

They told Henry's parents they were investigating, but they didn't.

Here's the story, as briefly as Katie can tell it.

Let's think about how angry we all were about the Casey Anthony trial and verdict. How angry we are at Anthony. How we're grieving for Leiby Kletzky and his family. And now let's think about Katie Granju--one of us--who has been desperately trying to find out who killed her beloved child. And the police and DA's office haven't helped, and, in fact, are hiding evidence. The adults who killed Henry are still out there, and they're hurting other children.

Let's think about how we all can put pressure on the authorities to investigate and solve this case, and to bring to justice the people--grown adults--who left Henry, abandoned, with blood coming out of his ears.

It won't bring Henry back. But it can get justice for him, and for Katie, and for Henry's dad and siblings and stepparents. And it might save the other kids caught up in whatever's going on.

Here's a list of suggestions Katie made for helping to get the case solved.

I'm about to call my senators and representative to ask them to investigate why Knoxville, TN authorities won't investigate the child murder of Henry Granju. Why they are about to close the case. Why it is so important to these people to sweep this under the rug. What they're hiding. Why the aren't working to protect the children and teens of Knoxville.

Can you all call your officials? And start Tweeting it out (hashtag #justiceforhenry), and calling your local news media? If anyone has connections to CNN or MSNBC or Fox or international news media, can you ask them to start investigating the story?

It isn't right. We don't pay our law enforcement officials to lie and hide things, and put our children in danger. Make them do their jobs. Please.