Checking in, since I've been missing for a few days

I made an offer on a house in Ann Arbor! Now we just wait and see if the sellers accept. If I get this house I'll put up pictures so everyone can see. There are some hilarious features...

I'm back in NYC this week, working for a client and in the office, and then packing up and moving next weekend. I've been thinking so much about what I'm going to miss and what I'm not going to miss at all. I hope someday I can be happy to come back here, but on the approach and landing to get back here today I was just dreading it.

And I miss driving. I rented a car for the two weeks I was there looking for a place to live, and ended up with a Ford Fiesta. When I saw it I thought it was a teeny little thing, but that car had a surprising amount of pickup. I outran a BMW, and intimidated a big pickup truck into getting out of my way, and enjoyed driving it more than I've enjoyed other small rentals I've had in the last few months. I wish I could have brought it back for this last week so I don't have to face the subway again.

This week is going to be tricky with all my homework, too. Sigh. I'd better go to bed.

What are your challenges this week?