Time Passages

(If you're thinking about joining the talk Sharon Silver and I are doing about Anger tonight at 9 pm Eastern, register before around 5 pm Eastern so we have time to send you the call-in info. And don't worry if your kids won't be asleep. Mine probably won't be, either. Sigh.)

Today's topic is time passages, and when I typed it I definitely had this guy in my head (you're welcome for the earworm).

Our kids are getting away from us.

They're growing up and starting preschool or Kindergarten in the fall.

Losing the diaper butt.

Doing it "myself."

Reading all the ads on the subway.

Not wanting kisses in front of their friends anymore.

My baby cousin is graduating from high school and starting college in the fall.

I don't know whether to feel old or to feel young, to watch it happen and wish I'd enjoyed those stages more when I was in them or to thrill at the way they get to experience those stages with the complacency of youth.

I mean, I know the answer. But it's hard not to get a little weepy sometimes.

I think I'll just put on my headphones and sing along with Al Stewart a little.