Coming Up Wednesday: Life Keys with Sharon Silver

Wednesday night! Sharon Silver and I are doing a LIVE EVENT tele-seminar for the next 3 Wednesdays and we'd like you to join us. 

We'll address the topics below and whatever else crosses our minds. Then you can join the conversation to ask a question or share an opinion. 

Our hope is to create the kind of LIVE conversation that happens when several generations sit down and share as only women can do! 

Here is the line up.

May 25th ~ Anger

• Is anger a bad thing or an honest thing?

• Does your anger serve you or hinder you. You'll be surprised at the answers we have!

• How do you deal with the anger that springs up from having children?

• How do I spot my anger triggers or my child's triggers?

• Can anger be resolved?

June 1st ~ Love

• Did the idea of love change for you when you became a parent?

• Is your love any different now vs when your child was smaller?

• How do you navigate the forever changing landscape of love?

• Did you feel loved as a child? If your answer is, "Not so much," then how do you create love with partner and children?

• Has the love you have for your child ever gotten in the way of the love you have for your partner?

June 8th ~ Expectations

• Are your expectations motivating or debilitating?

• Has the infectious nature of expectations begun to rule your life?

• Has expectation inserted itself into your relationship?

• How do you release expectations?

Make a cup of coffee or pour a glass of wine and join us for a chat about Life, Love, Marriage and Kids and how Anger, Love and Expectations are the keys to it all.

Cost: $30 for all three LIVE Conversations. Register here:

Can't stay up that late, or don't like to take notes, join us anyway!

An MP3 of this Live Event will be posted for download no later than the Friday following the event.

Hear you then!