Q&A: Clusternursing or otherwise awake from 6-10 am?

(Hey, is it just me, or is thundersnow/thunderhail a new phenomenon? I don't remember thunder and lightning accompanying freezing precipitation when I was a kid.)

Anonymous writes:

"why are mornings the hardest? i thought babies who cluster nursed usually did it at night?? my guy is 5 weeks old and sleeps 3 hours at a stretch at night, but then he's UP at 6 am and wants to be on and off and nurse until about 10 am. this is killing me. everyone says it will change in a week or two but the next hour is going to seem like an eternity. i need some perspective."

Hey, the good news is that you won't remember any of this, until someone else going through it mentions it and it all comes hurtling back into the front of your memory like a slap in the face.

The other good news is that if you can hang on another week there's a growth spurt at 6 weeks, and that spurt may change eating and sleeping (and pooping) patterns for your son. Lots and lots of kids become radically different feeders and sleepers after spurts (the big growth spurts are at 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months, and then the rest blend in and we dont notice them as much).

I don't know that there's anything you can or should do about this. If he were older it might be worth tryig, but at this point really it is just about getting through the next 7-10 days until it changes.

My one suggestion is to see if there's some kind of breastfeeding support group you can go to. For one thing, it will get you out of the house and into fresh air (or sleet, depending on where you live). For another thing, some of the other women at the group will have some strange issues you hadn't even thought of, and that should help you feel both solidarity with other women in the same boat and relief that your issue is just going to fix itself with time.

Also, courage. It will get better. It will get waaaaaaaay better.

Readers: Tales of clusternursing, or awake stretches that killed you, or unusual nursing issues, or breastfeeding support groups, or taking your baby out into the sleet? Or anything you can even remember from when your child was 5 weeks old?