What are we really doing, anyway?

Last night, my friend Susan said this:

"So much of parenting is guessing if you are doing the right thing, isn't it?"

Ohhhh, yeah. My response to her was "What's maddening to me is knowing that my kids won't remember the stuff I agonized over, and will be really affected by the stuff I never noticed."

I think about all the stuff my mom and dad were so tied up in knots about, and how I don't even remember so much of it until they bring it up now. And then about the little moments that I know they didn't put a ton of thought into that have been so big for me. I wish I knew what to spend time caring about with my own kids, and what to just let go.

I was so struck by this that I asked Susan if I could put it up here to talk about. What's your response to Susan's question?