Too much at school?

Not homework (for once), but parent participation.

It feels like we're being asked to stay at dropoff for some kind of performance or celebration or cookie drive or fundraiser or ceremony, or to come early for one of those things, or to come on Saturday, or any number of other times. Someone I know was asked to show up with 15 dozen homemade cookies. (I don't know ANYONE--SAH or WOH or WAH--who has the time or inclination or budget to make 15 dozen cookies to donate to the school.)

Or am I just a crank?

When my kids ask me to come see something they're doing in school, I do. But a lot of the activities just seem like they make a lot of extra work for teachers and parents, both, and aren't really doing much for the kids.

Also, what about parents who can't just ask to come in late to work? There's a huge assumption not only that at least one parent (and the assumption there is that there are two parents) is at home or has a flexible enough schedule to be at school all the time, but that a parent has the financial and emotional and time resources to participate.

Or am I just a crank?