This is an ad-hoc guest post from Amy, because I really don't know anything about the topic so I can't add anything. Her email speaks for itself:

"Can we talk about PMDD? I've been suffering for a while, but couldn't recognize what was happening. My family has a history of depression, so I knew to be concerned when I started having symptoms (hopelessness, irritability, anger, fatigue) but then I'd get my period and feel better in a couple days, so I figured it was just PMS. But PMS by itself doesn't make you completely stop functioning. I finally figured out something was wrong when I had to cancel a social event, but a friend called me up and made me come over, ostensibly to drop my son off so I could have a break. But I wound up staying at her house for over six hours because I was too afraid to go home by myself--I knew I would just sit on the couch sobbing. I finally figured out that maybe this was linked to my period and looked up PMDD. I had pretty much every symptom except mood swings (as my husband said, I wasn't experiencing any of the ups for a mood swing). I wish I had put two and two together months before I did. I wish I had listened to my husband when he asked me to go see a doctor and get help, and I wish I hadn't listened to myself when I told myself that since I only have one child there must be something wrong with me because I had problems coping for part of the month.

I just think that if the word got out more about PMDD more women who suffer from this would be able to identify what the problem is and know that A: this is NOT normal PMS--no one should have to suffer like this and B: there is help out there."

Let's talk. Does anyone have PMDD? Is anyone reading this going, "Oh, crap" and sensing an explanation for something that you've been experiencing?