Goals and/or Changes for 2011

Here are mine:

Continue my focus on consistency with exercise and healthy eating, and let the chips fall where they may. Reframing my goals to be about what I do instead of the results (that I don't necessarily control) has made it way easier just to put on my shoes and press Play on the DVD.

Continue thinking and working out the messiness, which I'm beginning to think it an inability to proritize spatially. Last year I got past feeling hopeless and blaming myself. This year maybe I'll come up with a solid way to manage my space that doesn't feel overwhelming.

Spend more time listening to my children. I'm pretty good at it already, but the older they get the more it feels listening is my main job.

Re-energize a regular prayer practice. When I was going through the divorce I started praying in a connected way, and I'd like to work my way back to that regular conversation with God.

Come up with a plan to pay off my divorce debt. Now that I know I can pay my rent every month it's time to focus on getting debt-free.

Now, for some SMART* goals:

I will clean off my desk at work every Wednesday at 3 pm. If I'm not in the office on a Wednesday, I'll roll it over to the next week.

Cook and bring lunch to work 4 days a week.

Eat 6 servings of vegetables 6 days a week.

Only one impulse buy per grocery store trip.


Now you!


* SMART goals are a corporate thing. It means you make your goal Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reasonable, and Time-Based. If you haven't being doing SMART goals and you switch to doing them this way it makes a huuuuge difference in your ability to get stuff done and know that you really got it done.