Stimulating the economy

Tonight's the last night of Candletime, and tomorrow's American Thanksgiving. The day after tomorrow officially begins the end-of-year, Christmukkahstivus consumer shopping extravaganza.

It's kind of not my business, but I do want to say two things:

1. A few big retailers have decided to be open on Thanksgiving Day to try to get people to come in and shop, even before Black Friday. I thinkin this is wrong. Thanksgiving is one of the only non-denominational holidays we have in the US, and it's about being with family and friends. If you HAVE to work (transit workers, hospital workers, etc.) that's one thing. And thank you! But for retailers to force hourly, not-well-paid clerks to leave their families and suck in a few dollars from people they're also luring away from their families to shop, well, it's twisted. And shameful. So I'm not shopping for gifts at physical stores on Thanksgiving Day. (I will be taking the subway, though, so thank you MTA workers, and I hope you get double overtime for working tomorrow.)

2. Small businesses. If we really want to make an impact on the economy with the money we spend this holiday, we'll spend it with small businesses. Local businesses and internet businesses. So please consider buying from your local stores on Friday and Saturday. And if you're itching to spend money on Thanksgiving Day, spend it with a nice internet retailer who is talking with family while you press "Buy" and will fulfill your order on Friday. Like, say, everyone over at

Who are you going to spend money with online or locally? Do you sell on Etsy or another website? Share your ideas and promote your own store in the comments. Tell us what you wish someone would give you, and what you're going to give other people, whether it's handmade or a mass-produced product from a big retailer.

(I wish someone would give me this crocheted brass necklace, or the Mint hard surface floor cleaner robot. And I'm not posting what I'm giving people because they all read this. But I'm knitting a bunch of stuff with yarn from this seller.)