Miscellanea for Election Day

Two things:

1. Do you know kids who like playing video games more than they like practicing math skills? My company is sponsoring a math video game tournament for kids in the US in grades 3-8. It's totally free to enter the tournament and play the game. We're having two-week heats in which kids can win gift cards, TVs, scooters, and all sorts of other stuff. In addition, the top scoring kids in each heat earn a spot in our live scholarship tournament in May with a $50K scholarship awarded to the top middle school player and a $10K scholarship awarded to the top elementary school player. Plus, everyone wins because they've spent months playing a video game in which the only way to earn points is to work math problems. Muahahahahahaha.

Watch the video here and then help your kids sign up at www.DimensionU.com, and pass it on to your friends, please. Registration is open now and the first heat starts November 15.

2. My kids' dad is growing a mustache this month to raise donations to fight prostate cancer. I am so glad that mustache isn't my business anymore, but am glad to be able to support the fight by donating to his efforts. Here's what it's all about and how you can help.