Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Even those of you not in the US who don't really care and don't get the day off.

(Look down at the previous post for vents if you're having a bad day, and down at the post before that for talk about gifts, handmade gifts, and venting about commercialism.)

Today I am really thankful that I

  • am healthy
  • have an awesome job with a company that makes video games that teach math to kids. Some days my whole job is showing people how to jetpack. Love. (If your 3-8th grader is bored this weekend, download and register for the tournament and play for free at www.DimensionU.com. They might not even catch on that they're doing math. Muahahahaha.)
  • have two healthy, bright, silly kids
  • am no longer married to their dad, but get along with him well enough that we can write a blog together
  • am spending Thanksgiving with two lovely friends who are a great model of what committed love really is (even though they can't legally get married yet in NY)
  • have been writing this blog for FIVE YEARS this week! Thank you for being here with me!

Now you.