Cooks Source Magazine are thieves

If you read writers on the web, and you obviously do, you know that there are a lot of us who write because we enjoy it or we have something to say. And the internet lets us put it out there so you--people from all around the world, people who would probably never interact in the live walking-around world--can read it and comment on it and share it.

We do not write so companies can take what we write--out intellectual property--and steal it and then sell it as their own. Duh, right? we've all been here for a decade, and ahve gone through all the blog conglomeration sites, etc. So it's shocking that an actual print magazine would take an article someone wrote and put on the internet, steal it and print it IN A HARD-COPY MAGAZINE as if they had the rights to it, and when the author complained, send her an email scolding her for her audacity and telling her she should be grateful to be published. Here's the story:

I kind of just don't even know what to think about someone who claims to have been in magazines for years and yet thinks that anything on the internet is public domain. But I do know what to say about Cooks Source Magazine: Stop reading it. Cancel your subscription and ask for your subscription money back. And contact their advertisers and ask them to stop supporting this rip-off rag. Because if they stole Monica's article, how many other articles have they published that they stole from people who just don't know it yet?

For shame.