I've been getting so many questions and remarks about Halloween, I thought we should just have an open Halloween thread.

What are your thoughts about Halloween? For kids? For adults?

Do you dress up? Do your kids dress up?

Thankfully, Halloween's on a Sunday this year, so we don't have to deal with whether or not kids can wear their costumes to school.

How do you deal with the candy?

And, finally, are you ready for Candletime to start on Monday?

I'll start:

I like Halloween because I enjoy the dressing up, and the chance it gives little kids to play around with identity. Watching my younger one exploring what it would be like to be "bad" when he dressed as Darth Vader last year was fascinating.

I may dress up, but haven't decided that yet. My younger one is very into dressing up, but doesn't want me to reveal his costume in advance. My older one goes back and forth between being "over it, Mom," and thinking he might want to wear a costume but he doesn't know what...

I let my kids eat as much candy as they want to as long as they've eaten a reasonable meal first. They gorge for a couple of days and then get sick of it and it's over by November 3 or 4.

I am excited for Candletime! (In case you don't remember from last year, Candletime is a new holiday that prevents Halloween from sliding straight into Christmas. It runs from November 1 to November 24 this year, and the way to celebrate it is by dimming the lights and lighting candles when you're home in the evening, and enjoying a cup of tea or cider or cocoa or a glass of wine.)

Thoughts on Halloween?