Q&A: Clothes maintenance

Jaymie writes:

"What's your system for clothes maintenance? I'm having a hard time keeping on top of what fits which kid when, and knowing what to do with the clothes that are 'between kids' at the moment. Tips, please?"

My "system" for clothes maintenance is to sincerely wish every night that some magic fairies would come and sort it all out for me.

Clothes--specifically socks--are the logistical bane of my mothering existence.

My alleged system involves panicking every few months that my kids' clothes all seem to be too small, and culling the too-small clothes from both drawers, and putting them in those big clear plastic containers for storage. Then pulling out the one with clothes that might fit my younger son, and having 20 minutes of nostalgia about those clothes and when the older one wore them. Then I text my kids' dad about the fact that we need to buy more clothes for the older one and more than we thought we'd need for the younger one (How does that always happen?). Every 9 months or so I send a box of too-small-for-everyone clothes to one of my BFFs for her son.

Someone must have a better system to share with us.

I refuse to believe that my reactive instead of responsive system can't be improved upon. So if there's anyone out there who thinks s/he's got it down, please, please post how you work it. I'm guessing Jaymie and I aren't the only ones struggling.