I'm back, sort of!

Wow, strep throat is a horrible thing. And Prednisone is a drug I'd never though much of, but now have a very healthy respect for. I'm very energetic. And perky. And unable to sleep (three hours the first night, seven max each since even with being very vigilant). I'm stepping down from it now.

One of the side effects of the Prednisone is that I'm slightly cranky and have no filter. Which doesn't lend itself well to writing answers to any questions from parents with problems they'd like help with. So today we're going to open it up to you all, so I don't stick my foot in it and make someone feel bad.

The topic is navigating the border of being a buttinski or helping when someone you know is having a parenting issue that they can't figure out but is, to you, a straight line. The specific scenario I'm thinking about is the combo of too little sleep and discipline problems in a preschooler, but another equally applicable scenario is parents and kids who are in a chronic whining/giving in/whining cycle.

Do you say something like "I wonder if you played around with putting her to bed an hour earlier she might not melt down as much"? or do you just MYOB? What if it affects *your* kid because the other child's behavior affects the classroom of group of kids playing?