Primal Scream Thursday

I actually had two requests for another Primal Scream day, so here we go.

I'll start:

  • The pyriformis pain is dissipating, but now I'm exercising every morning and that's making me realize how out of shape I was. My left side is so much weaker than my right that I almost fell over doing Hoe-Downs this morning.
  • Big client meeting this morning so I'm wearing a jacket and today it's 95 degrees and a zillion percent humidity.
  • My 5-year-old had to have his toe lanced yesterday because of a big infected blister.
  • My dad got really sick yesterday because his doctor faxed in the wrong prescription to the pharmacy.
  • A bunch of other minor annoying stuff that's feeling big but is really just 20 small things.

Now you go. Post whatever's bugging you, big or small. This isn't misery poker.

If anyone wants to follow up, like the woman whose husband left dangerous things lying around where their toddler could pick them up, or the woman whose husband wanted to come home drunk from the bar and hold their baby, I know we'd appreciate hearing from you.